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    Skirting boards

    Criterion generally recommend taking the existing skirting boards off and then replacing them to match the flooring. The reason for this is that with existing skirting in place, it means an expansion gap is left between the floor and the skirting and beading is then used to bridge this gap. Whereas if the existing skirtings are taken off then the floor can be laid up to the edge leaving the expansion gap under the new skirting board so the finish is perfect, no beading required and the colour matched perfectly.


    A wood beamed roof and galleried landing

    Criterion flooring work in conjunction with many builders to refurbish existing woodwork including barn conversions (there are lots of barns and historic buildings in and around the Tring/Berkhamsted area! ) and recently an old school house in Wendover. Criterion refurbished the roof timbers in the Old School House. The roof was 9meteres high so scaffolding had to be built before sanding down the wooden beams re-oiling and staining them. On this project Criterion flooring also organised the re-decorating to totally revitalise a tired building back to its original best!

    (the whole project was completed in 3 weeks)


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    Neil and Son did a good job laying wood floor to the ground floor of our house

    Flooring Neil and Son did a good job laying wood floor to the ground floor of our house, fitting new skirting and replacing three solid wood doors. Price was reasonable and they did all they said they would do.
    They were friendly and professional and completed the work quickly and to high standard. I would happily recommend them.

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