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    Wood Flooring in Aylesbury

    When you want to breathe new life into a house, few options will make more of a difference than new flooring. Our wood flooring in Aylesbury provides the central theme for any home and allows you to micromanage every aspect of the room accordingly. For instance, depending on the type of flooring you select, you can brighten a room or make it look larger without having to make any other alterations.

    At Criterion Flooring, we believe that wood flooring provides a range of benefits over all other types of flooring and so we are dedicated to showcasing its various applications. To start with, timber flooring can add stylistic value to any house, immediately transforming a potentially bland room into a display full of character and unique beauty. Compared to other types of flooring, such as carpet, choosing wood flooring also means you are investing in the future as it keeps its character and beauty for far longer than traditional types.

    Why choose our wood flooring in Aylesbury?

    Having covered wood flooring in Aylesbury and surrounding areas for more than 25 years, we have the experience and expertise to help you from start to finish.

    We understand that there are a lot of choices to make, such as the colour, desired longevity, and particular wood finish. Neil and the rest of the team are more than happy to talk you through all of the options, and help you make an informed choice that will suit your home perfectly.

    It’s also vital to understand that wood flooring, particularly natural wood, has a lot of peculiarities that need to be considered as our years of experience have demonstrated. Take the fact that natural wood is a breathable product as an example. While less reputable companies will simply install wood flooring without much consideration, we will instead conduct an in-depth survey to match the exact requirements of your house.

    We will consider every factor, from the humidity of your house and the corresponding timber flooring you have chosen, to the potential inclination of the underlying surface.

    Contact us today and learn all about the different types of wood flooring we have on offer and how we can transform any room in your property.

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    I had many companies contact me

    I had many companies contact me for the laying of my laminate floor, but Criterion Flooring stood out. Neil is communicative and responds quickly to emails and phone messages. He was easy to deal with, turned up on time and most importantly him and his team did an excellent job of laying my floor!

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