Criterion CurvesNew Curve 8 wood flooring from Criterion

Criterion Curve 8 is a new product from Criterion wood floorings which provides boards of different widths and lengths to create organic curves to match the contours of your rooms. It’s been received enthusiastically by interior interior designers trying to create an organic design in an old cottage in which none of the walls are straight or square and where straight lines don’t suitably reflect the style or mood of the space.
Curve 8 from Criterion flooring is one piece of timber cut in curves and then packaged in different sizes and widths so they can be matched up on site to create curved boards on your floor for an organic feel to match a period property or add curves to a contemporary room. It is available in a variety of finishes and colours and can create an amazing affect in a room transforming the space into organic curves which compliment the layout of your home, hotel, office or restaurant

Technical data
Criterion Curve 8 is 11.7mm multilayer product with 3.2mm noble timber wear layer. The base layer is made rom Baltic Birch Plywood providing better dimensional stability in seasonally fluctuating ambient moisture conditions. Engineered boards are available in Oak, Ash or Walnut in a modular set of 8 boards with bevels tongue and grooved on four sides

“it certainly creates a natural looking floor and really suits period buildings where nothing is absolutely square. It provides an unusual stylish look which, when designed to compliment the
environment can be absolutely stunning.”
Neil Smith MD Criterion Flooring

To see samples or a brochure please call Neil Smith on 01442 822799