Everyone has their own unique style, and you can tell a lot about someone based on their home. Posters may give an insight into their favourite films and photos may tell you about their loved ones, but flooring can even add personality to the home itself. Wooden floors in particular can make a house feel more like a home, while adding a touch of luxury that carpets may not be able to achieve. What else are they good for, though?

Benefits of wood flooring

Aesthetically there are a lot of benefits to wooden flooring, but there are plenty of less obvious examples of why they’ve become such a popular choice for homes over the world.

For example, a common misconception is that wood flooring is bad for the environment. Compared to flooring alternatives, wood floors actually require less water and energy in the manufacturing process. From one end of it’s lifespan to the other, the fact that wood is 100% biodegradable also means that upon disposal, they can be recycled or burned as fuel.

They’re no menace to the environment, and they’re even good for you. Wood floors collect far less dirt, dust and allergens than something like a carpet, meaning they’re also great for the air quality of your home. Its solidity even means they’re much more stain resistant than carpets and far easier to clean, too – anyone that’s tried cleaning spilled wine on a carpet will welcome this point in particular.

wood flooring infographic