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    Our Timber Flooring in Amersham

    With over 25 years of experience in Amersham and surrounding areas, and a passion for quality wood flooring, we can give you everything you need to transform any area of your home into a stunning display.

    The beauty that timber flooring can add onto a property cannot be overstated. Even national surveys suggest that homes with such flooring not only sell faster but also at a higher price than homes with carpet flooring.

    It is our belief that with such numerous options available when it comes to wood flooring, from the traditional oak to the more exotic bamboo, everyone can find something that they like. There are also dozens of different choices in regards to colours and textures, the unique combination of which can act as a showcase of your own personal style and prove to be a great talking point amongst your friends and family.

    Even if you are unsure about the exact type of wood flooring you would like to have on your property, our team will be there to help every step of the way. Our experience can prove invaluable in helping you decide what’s best for your own home.

    For those of a practical mind, wood flooring is also incredibly easy to clean. To prove it, we will also provide you with professional cleaning products with every installation, allowing you to instantly see the benefits to both how the flooring looks and how much less time you’ll spend cleaning. This also links to the longevity of a wood flooring.

    Though the cost will initially be higher, proper wood flooring can last for a lifetime and its maintenance is very easy. In fact, even if the flooring requires a bit of work, like sanding, it will be much cheaper than installing other types of flooring from scratch and will look as good as new. It also provides you with a lot more options in regards to both how you would like any room to look like and what features you would like to add. For example, it’s the best type of flooring if you wish to consider underfloor heating.

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    American Black Walnut installed Throughout ground floor

    American Black walnut installed Throughout ground floor

    I first got in contact with Criterion Flooring when Neil replied to my
    contact inquiry on their website.
    They came on the agreed day of installation with the correct timber.
    It took four days of work and the finished product was beautiful.
    His team is polite and professional and smiling always . I will have
    no second thoughts of hiring Criterion Flooring again for my next project.
    Congrats ! Job well done.

    Finished Wood Flooring Wood Flooring Affect Floor laminate hallway