Parquet flooring offers one of the most beautiful flooring options available, and while it usually requires a professional installation, it can be installed over many different subflooring types, including old flooring such as plywood, concrete, ceramic, slate, vinyl, marble, and even cork.

Maintenance is fairly simple, as it usually only requires brushless vacuuming or sweeping, and cleaning with a product designed for wood floors.

Like solid wood floors, parquet flooring can be refinished, but because of the patterns of the wood and the possibility that certain woods sand faster than others, the refinishing process takes longer.

Parquet flooring is very susceptible to humidity and proper care must be taken to ensure that the proper humidity is maintained during the heating seasons.

Vinyl – parquet flooring is fairly simple to install and maintain, making it popular when the look of parquet is desired, without the cost.

An exquisite selection. Surface finishes with high-quality oils or varnishes underline the character of the particular woods and ensure a durable, easy-care floor. Treatments such as brushing, liming and smoking give the surfaces additional expression. And with our used-look, saw-cut and woodworm look finishes we have three extraordinary new surfaces in our range.

Brushed wood – Brushing the wood’s surface opens the pores of the wood and at the same time brings out its natural structure. Each plank has its own individual look and a relief is created which lends the floor character. An ideal basis for modern or rustic design styles.

Limed wood – Liming emphasises the grain of the wood and gives it an attractive surface. After brushing, a lime paste is applied. Once this has dried the excess is removed and the surface is coated with natural oil, UV-hardened oil or natural matt varnish. Oak is particularly suitable for liming due to its large pores.

Smoked wood – Smoking causes the tannic acid in the wood to react so that its colour is permanently altered, deep down. Oak turns brown to dark brown-black, Douglas fir turns light brown to red-brown. Each plank has a different tannic acid content which leads to interesting colour differences on each individual plank – firm evidence that you have a piece of living nature.

Colour-treated – wood Some surfaces, such as white beech, white oak, old grey oak and white ash are produced with pigmented varnishes or oils. This gives the planks their particular colouration and at the same time the natural structure of the wood is retained. As with liming, the surface is given a final coat of natural oil, UV-hardened oil or natural matt varnish.

Used look This surface finish gives the parquet floor an antique appearance.

The planks are given a variety of looks and appear naturally aged  through the application of the latest technology and laborious hand finishing.

Woodworm look – Our parquet floors with woodworm look surfaces are particularly unusual. Hundreds of little one to two millimetre holes give the impression of woodworm attack but of course the impression is merely visual.

Saw – Cut structure For parquet flooring in saw-cut look, saw cuts run against the grain. They can be clearly seen and felt and gain additional emphasis from the matt-gloss surface finish.

Natural Wood – The character of selected woods comes into its own even without finishing processes. Many parquet floors are therefore simply oiled or varnished. The homely result is wood in its natural form.

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