September 5th, 2013

Wood is still the most popular type of parquet flooring. Generally, parquet flooring comes in square tiles, and oblong solid blocks can be made from a wide variety of different hard and softwoods, including oak, walnut, cherry, pine, spruce, Teak and even lime. Today, some parquet flooring is made from bamboo, a renewable resource that is becoming a favourite for green floor options.

Many parquet floors are made from exotic woods as well, and option that would be almost impossible with solid wood floors.

Due to the fact that parquet floors can be made similar to engineered wood flooring, where only a layer of wood is used over a cheaper wood base, this makes it more affordable and feasible to manufacture.

Parquet flooring manufacturers also offer complete mosaic designs and borders, which add an elegant and exquisite element to any parquet flooring design. For those who desire the look of parquet flooring but want a less expensive and possibly more durable surface, parquet flooring is also available as vinyl tiles, which are easier to install and to maintain Herringbone
Teak Herringbone Refinshed
Teak Herringbone and Wax Oiled