When a person enters a property for the first time they normally look down before they look up, nobody knows why this happens it just seems to be a natural thing we do. That is why a lot of estate agents tell their clients to make sure their flooring looks nice.

According to estate agents, there are three things that can sell a house. 1) The floor, 2) The Kitchen, and 3) The Smell of the house. If we think about it, it makes sense. We look at the floor wanting to make sure the floor looks nice, as we all know how expensive flooring can be. Many families spend a lot of time in the kitchen so obviously they would like a nice kitchen and when it comes to the smell if you walk into a home and it has a nice smell like a cooking smell then it makes the property seem more homely.

Oak flooring enhances the look of any room; it can make the property stand out and when it comes to selling a property it can put value on the home and help to sell it faster. An estate agent worth his salt will give a house seller professional advice on how to sell their home quickly, and one of the main pieces of advice is the floor.

A large number of estate agents would recommend Oak Flooring, not just because oak flooring enhances a property but also it is cost effective. A carpet in the property would be changed every few years, on average every four years, and that is expensive. With Oak flooring, it can last forever which means the person moving into the property would be saving a fortune, and this is a big plus for someone looking to buy a new home.

Estate agents feel carpets do not impress a person entering a property with a view to buy, but, on the other hand, Oak flooring gives a feeling of warmth, depth and adds richness to the property.

Oak Flooring comes in a variety of colours and grains to suit any property, and this can be light oak wood flooring, medium or dark oak wood flooring, giving the property the finishing you are looking for.

For people thinking of selling their property, then Oak Flooring is a wise investment to sell a home quicker and for a higher price. Oak Flooring is also a good investment for property owners, looking to enhance their property and to save money on replacing their carpet every few years.

So if you are looking to sell your home or would like to reduce the cost of replacing carpets, then have a look at www.criterionflooring.co.uk who install quality Oak Flooring at affordable prices to enhance your home.