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    Laminate Flooring Hertfordshire

    Criterion Flooring have been supplying and laying laminate flooring throughout Hertfordshire for over 20 years. Before you select which type of laminate flooring will suit your home there are a few things to bear in mind. Decide whether you are going to remove skirting and replace or leave skirting and use a moulding or beading to match floor.

    The simplicity of laminate flooring, its longevity, its inherent strength, aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance has made it popular in homes, schools and offices, where there is a lot of traffic and activity. These floors can easily handle the stress of thousands of feet crisscrossing on them every day. Offices with laminated floors are easy to clean and remain spic and span all the time and can be chosen to fit into any decor.

    Minimal sub-floor preparation is required since Laminate Boards are made to be installed over most existing hard surface floors such as vinyl, linoleum, wood, concrete and tile. Prepare the room by cleaning the floor surface and repairing any holes or protrusions to create a smooth, even surface. If installing over tile, repair any damaged tile and skim any embossing or grout lines with a floor leveller.

    Use a level to ensure a level surface that does not drop more than 3mm every 1m. Level the floor if needed – a level floor is key to successful installations. For installations below ground level seal the concrete substrate or use a plastic moisture barrier for best results. Underfloor heating systems may be used as long as the substrate surface temperature does not exceed 26 C.

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    Laying Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

    Use a good quality underlay such as Timber-mate XL which reduces sound reflection insulates for heat and also has a built in barrier.

    Step 1

    Cut down door frames to allow access for flooring to go under as this improves the finish. Try and start working from left to right usually on the longest straightest wall leaving 10 mm gap to perimeter which will be covered either by skirting or Beading and using the off cut from your first row to start the second row this will give you a good stagger in the floor which in turn makes the floor stronger as end joints should not really be closer than approx 400 mm.

    Step 2

    Continue this process across the floor until fully covered

    Step 3

    Stop flooring under door shut so that your door profile sits under the door when shut.

    The below pictures show our latest work in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

    Laying Laminate Flooring Berkhamsted Laminate Floor Installation















    For more comprehensive instructions on our installation process you please contact us. We have been laying laminate flooring for well over a decade so you’ll be in safe hands with us. Call us today!

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    Work Was Very Professional And On Time – April 3rd 2015

    Neil visited us on a Saturday to price up at our convenience and got us a quote extremely quickly. The price was fair and he had already promised to work to my timescales on install which I did really appreciate. The work was undertaken very professionally and Neil's experience shone through with quality of install. When our 100yr old house threw a few oddities in the way they were worked around which is a good mark of a professional. Would be happy to recommend and the price wasn't bad either!


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