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    Wood Laminate flooring 

    Laminate wood flooring is a cheaper alternative to real wood flooring. Although it is an imitation of wood, and not as durable, it can still be purchased to last up to 25 years.

    Available in thicknesses of between 6-10mm, with 6mm lasting around 2-3 years and 9.5mm should last approximately 20-25 years. Granted, a solid wood flooring can last even longer, however, for their price, laminate floors are a very viable alternative.

    As well as being hard wearing, laminate flooring is also very straightforward to look after, due to it being waterproof. It simply needs to be regularly cleaned with a damp mop along with a hoover, in order to deter dust and grit, which can grind away the surface of the laminate. Over time this can negatively effect laminate flooring by spoiling the finish and appearance.

    Aesthetically, wood laminate flooring can come in a huge range of stylish designs. Oak laminate flooring is one of the more traditional, popular designs. More specifically grey oak flooring, brown & white oak & grey laminate flooring.

    We also offer modern, luxury vinyl flooring, which is available in a luxury vinyl tile effect, or you could opt for a more traditional laminate engineered wood flooring.

    Such is the versatility and unique blend of visual appeal and high-quality of laminate flooring, it can bring together any room seamlessly, whether it’s the living room, dining room or bedroom. It can be your platform for having a smart home. It can even be applied in wet rooms due to being water resistant!

    Laminate flooring is also suitable if you desire underfloor heating, so long as the substrate surface temperature does not exceed 26°C.

    As well as being cheap, easy-on-the-eye and enduring, there is also a fairly easy installation process. There are things to bear in mind however before jumping straight in. Things like whether to keep or remove skirting boards. Here at Criterion Flooring, we can lay as well as supply your laminate flooring for you. So if you don’t fancy digging out your workwear, hand tools and power tools, we can do it for you! However, if you do want to get your hands dirty, we also have a useful guide for “Laying Laminate Flooring Installation Tips”.



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    American Black Walnut installed Throughout ground floor

    American Black walnut installed Throughout ground floor

    I first got in contact with Criterion Flooring when Neil replied to my
    contact inquiry on their website.
    They came on the agreed day of installation with the correct timber.
    It took four days of work and the finished product was beautiful.
    His team is polite and professional and smiling always . I will have
    no second thoughts of hiring Criterion Flooring again for my next project.
    Congrats ! Job well done.

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