Alternative Types of Flooring

Carpet and traditional wood flooring are no longer your options for new flooring. New technologies have given consumers more flooring options than ever before. Check out some of the hottest trends in flooring that are on the market now

Cement Tiles

When we think of cement flooring we often think of drab gray. Newer cement tiles are painted, stained and colored to make them more aesthetically appealing. Now cement flooring is suitable for more than outdoor living spaces. Cement flooring looks great in kitchen and bathrooms. Cement flooring is highly durable and stylish.


Want to splurge on a modern flooring option? Leather is the newest option in modern flooring. Perfect for bedroom, living rooms and offices, leather flooring is highly stylish and sophisticated. There are tons of options when it comes to selecting leather flooring from a classic antique brown leather to a rattlesnake print metallic leather you will find no shortage of leather flooring options.


Glass flooring may seem like a risk, but you don’t have to tread lightly on slip-resistant glass flooring. Made to with stand the test of time glass flooring is ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Glass flooring is the ideal way to add an element of drama to any room.

These types of alternative flooring are now making comebacks in the modern home, and people like are now looking at alternative flooring methods to add character to their home. If you need any advice on alternative flooring, get in touch today!