Floor Sanding

Real wood floors look great and can last for many years if treated right. They are a great option for most homes as they can be cleaned hygienically and all kinds of spills can be cleared up in seconds without leaving behind stains.  It has a high resistance to water, unlike cheaper laminate versions and it is great for allergy suffers as it is not an ideal breeding ground for dust mites.

Even odors that can stick in fabric floor coverings are not retained by real wood flooring. After a while your floor may start to look less than perfect as it develops scratches from furniture being moved, children playing and even pet claws. You can soon get your floor looking just as good as the day it was laid by floor sanding and keeping up with maintenance.

Floor Sanding vs replacing with Laminate

When the floor begins to look scruffy lots of people have it pulled up and replace it with laminate instead. If you purchase cheaper laminate it will start to look poor in very little time and with the more expensive kind, you will spend more than you would on floor sanding. Laminate is rarely as durable and because of the way it is made it is more likely to suffer from damage should you be unfortunate to be affected by flood, a burst pipe or leakage. You can’t refinish laminate in the way you can real wood and would have to reposition doors and skirting boards to accommodate the height it reaches when laid.

How real wood can put value on your home over laminate

Real wood floors have character so even if you are thinking of selling up now or in the future you will find that buyers will be happy to pay for real wood flooring over laminate. Even older floors that have gone through generations can be restored by floor sanding. They complement the building they are laid in and the older woods tend to be stronger too! If you are conscious of the environment you will be interested to know that sanding your original real wood floor means that no more trees will need to be cut down to create your new flooring option.

There are very few floors that cannot be brought back to their original form by a professional. If you have been a victim of water damage, but the whole floor has not been affected you should see if the damaged part can be replaced rather than pulling up the whole floor then the rest can be restored so you would never even know there had been a problem.

Regular maintenance for longer lasting flooring

Floor sanding and keeping on top of maintenance can give you decades of life out of your real wood floor. To keep your floor in the best condition you should ensure that any sand or dirt that is deposited is either vacuumed or swept off as it can act as an abrasive if left.

Placing rugs at each entrance can also help to avoid dirt from the outdoors damaging your floor, but the best option is to have outdoor shoes and indoor shoes or slippers to maintain your floors character and mean that floor sanding does not have to be done as often.  Do not use harsh spirits and chemicals on your floors and avoid those that are too oily as they could cause a slipping hazard.

Any furniture that is directly on the wooden floor should have protectors on the legs or underside to prevent unnecessary damage.  The best kind for chairs that are being moved in and out regularly are protectors that can be nailed on as the sticky ones don’t tend to last all that long.