Although countless people prefer to have wood flooring over carpet, there are many reasons to choose carpeting for all your flooring solutions. There is no perfect solution for every family, but carpeting provides benefits that hard-wood just can’t trump.
Decorating With Carpet

Carpeting your home can be exciting! Home decorating can be taken to another level with the many textures and types available. If you are seeking a plush place to put your piggies, plush carpeting is your best choice. This is the dreamiest carpet to walk around on; it really envelops your feet with luxury. A versatile carpet selection that offers appeal to any type of home, textured plush is a great fit. This is a carpet that is perfect for your entire home, even high-traffic areas. Berber carpeting is a fine choice as well. It can create a very personal appearance, perfect for any living situation.

After you have chosen your carpeting type, it’s time to choose your carpet color and pattern. When you carpet your home, you literally have thousands of color options. Bold blues, bright oranges, brash yellows, literally any color you can dream of is available in today’s carpet industry. You can select natural, neutral colors to carpet your entire home, or select a different color and texture for each room individually.
Noise Reducing Qualities

Many home-owners opt for wall-to-wall carpeting because it offers a simple, yet effective way to reduce sound wave transmission in your home. A popular choice for condominiums and apartment homes, carpets can reduce noise transmissions. If you pair your carpeting with a thick, quality padding this can further reduce the noise produced from your home. Carpeting is a perfect choice for families with small children, as it helps to control the sounds emitted from the pitter-patter of little feet.

Carpeting Helps To Insulate Your Home

An added bonus to the new look of your carpet, is insulation. Carpet will help your home maintain a consistent temperature. The reason this happens is because carpeting and insulation provide thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is a reduced amount of heat exchanged between two objects of different temperatures. The thickness of your carpeting will determine how well your home is insulated with the addition of carpet. Thinner padding will also take away from the insulating properties, so it’s important to choose a carpet that’s thick with sufficient padding.

There are many benefits to having carpet instead of bare, wood floors. You will discover that your carpet can last you many years, if you properly care for them. Carpets are made of absorbent fibers and require some upkeep. You must make sure to take care of any spills immediately to avoid damaging your investment. There are other choices that you may look into when purchasing your carpet such as carpet protectors and stain guards.
Enjoy shopping for new carpets, and be prepared to fall in love with your home all over again.