There are so many ways you can decorate your house to give you that oh-so-special ‘home sweet home’ feel. In fact, there are so many different things that you can do, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes round to making decisions.

When decorating or designing, you have to consider the general theme you want for your home and about the atmosphere you want to create. This might vary from room to room, even if it’s ever so slightly. Your desired look can come together in the combination of flooring, wallpaper, furniture, colour scheme, and any other décor.

We take a look at some of our favourite wood flooring ideas, suitable for any room in your dream home, to make that part of your design decisions a little bit easier…

Hardwood flooring

flooring-ideas-hardwoodHardwood flooring provides your home with a simple and natural look, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty. Available in a range of woods, colours and finishes, opting for hardwood flooring in your home gives you the ability to choose something that’s perfect for you.

Whether you choose lighter woods like Douglas Fir or darker ones like Black Walnut or Oak, you’ll find hardwood flooring provides you with a classic and traditional look. Its natural appearance will help to create a countryside chic feel in any room; something that is very sought after in the world of interior design.

Hardwood is easy to work with too, both practically, in terms of cleaning and maintaining it, and aesthetically. The natural finish to your flooring won’t restrict your other décor choices. No matter what colours or what type of furniture you go for, you’ll find that your flooring will make the perfect accompaniment.

Laminate flooring

flooring-ideas-laminateThe second of our wood flooring ideas is laminate. With wood laminate flooring, you can achieve a chic look for your living room, kitchen or bedroom at a good price. There are different types of laminate flooring to choose from, meaning you can find something that suits you and your tastes entirely.

Laminate flooring has the benefits of strength and longevity on top of its general aesthetic appeal. It’s not just suitable in the home either; it’s a popular choice in schools and offices too because it looks good and can withstand the huge amount of traffic that their flooring sees.

Bordeaux flooring

bordeauxSearching for a natural looking wooden floor option? The exclusive Bordeaux range is a popular choice for homeowners. It’s simple yet stylish, and you can make it your own. The versatile range offers three types of wood: American Black Walnut, European Oak, and Douglas Fir. But the choice doesn’t stop there, there are a variety of finishes and width too.

With so much choice, this range gives you the chance to achieve a variety of looks. It all depends on the look you want! Perhaps you want a rustic look for your home? Our hand-scraped boards can achieve just that. Or if you’re looking for a more modern look, have a look at our polished Bordeaux flooring in our brochure.

Parquet flooring

flooring-ideas-parquetIf you’re looking for more intricate wood flooring ideas, Parquet wooden flooring can provide a clean and sleek look to any household, along with a pattern that can really bring your interior to life. It’s a subtle nod towards a statement flooring option, without being too overpowering when teaming it with other décor.

With parquet flooring, you have a choice of engineered blocks, solid blocks and engineered panels in a variety of woods. This offers the chance to create a multitude of patterns with the wooden planks. Some traditional patterns of this beautiful wooden flooring include Kaleidoscope, Star, Classic French, Heritage English and Basket Weave parquet wooden flooring – to name only a few.

Pallet wood flooring

flooring-ideas-palletLike parquet flooring, pallet flooring makes the most of the variety of woods out there. It uses various colours and tones to create a unique and impressive feature floor. It’s popular with homeowners looking for an alternative to the more traditional hardwood or laminate flooring.

The array of colours across your floorboards will help to brighten up any room. It can become a main feature of your kitchen, lounge, bathroom or bedroom if you want it to. Accompany with plain furniture and décor to really make the floor stand out.

Dark wood flooring

flooring-ideas-darkwoodFor those that want a really modern feel for their home’s interior, this provides a very good option. Its dark colour adds a real depth to any room, which can be so easily enhanced by your choice of furniture too. For example, by pairing your dark wood flooring with a white sofa and white chairs, you’ll achieve the monochrome theme which is a very contemporary look.

But that isn’t to say that dark wood flooring only works for a modern interior. It works well for a rustic appearance too! Choose how you decorate your room wisely, and you can create a gorgeous old-fashioned interior for your household.

Distressed wood flooring

flooring-ideas-distressed The final of our wood flooring ideas is distressed wood. Distressed wooden flooring is another option for rustic-lovers! There are a lot of styles that you can choose from when it comes to this type of flooring, but it all achieves a similar ‘worn’ appearance thanks to its markings. However, by getting distressed wooden flooring doesn’t mean you’re losing out on its durability. The word ‘distressed’ actually refers to a type of surface treatment.

The markings in each of the wood panels create an antique appearance, which is incredibly sought after because it’s not only aesthetically-appealing but diverse.